Developing the right PPC strategy can be tricky. You might think that all you have to do is set up a campaign, get traffic and clicks but as days go by and your clicks and impressions decrease, you begin to realize that it’s not as simple as that. If you are a search engine marketing […]


How To Find The Perfect Digital Advertising Agency

Choosing the right digital advertising agency for your brand is no easy task. There is a lot of evaluation and decision-making that should be done before closing any deals. Here are some handy tips on how to find the perfect agency for your brand.   Know the agency’s core values   Looking at an agency’s […]



One of the best ways to attract customers is by your product, services, etc with showcasing data visualization. Not only does publishing one create trust, it also sets you apart from your competitors and establish product worth. It can be in the form of a graph, infographic, or charts. If you are still in the […]


Are you Relevant? Are you Found? Are you Social?

The Internet for Marketing Purposes. It’s no secret that the digital world is growing fast, really fast. In 2015, 93.1% of the Australian population had a stable internet connection; confirming that the audience of digital marketing is enormous. We can no longer say, “The Web is the way of the future.” It’s here now and […]


Four SEO Mistakes That You Should Avoid

A little mistake in SEO can have huge consequences to the overall traffic and ranking of a website. This is why you must be very careful and critical when implementing your SEO strategies. Here is a list of mistakes that should be fairly simple to fix so you can achieve better results. One: Your website […]

Google Changes To Watch Out For

You are probably familiar with Google changing its algorithm each year. These changes happen for over 600 times and continue to rise as the year passes. 2015 has been a big challenge for SEO practitioners. Big algorithm updates such as Mobilegeddon rolled out last year, and expect to see more this year. Here are the […]